At Caldwell Consultants, we believe in creating a world where technology is perfectly seamless. We believe that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business and the way we live our lives. And we believe in doing IT the right way.

With our business we invest in our clients, our employees and our business, in a way that leads to personal growth, professional growth, and growth for our community. This means taking the time to understand each client’s business, to build a relationship with them, and to maximize their potential for growth and success. For our employees, this means creating an environment that encourages personal growth, mentoring, and teamwork.

The service we provide to our clients is much more than just fixing their computers. Our people, our processes, and our philosophy are all designed to help us be honest and transparent with each other. The close relationships we nurture with our clients give us insight into their day-to-day business and provide us with the opportunity to help them leverage technology to streamline their operations and meet their objectives. In the ever-changing landscape of technology, we want our clients to feel confident about their systems so that they can make informed decisions that benefit their organization.

We care about doing IT the right way

We not only strive to meet, but also exceed our clients’ expectations as well as our own. Our company culture empowers our team to be proactive and look for ways to improve each and every day. We do not settle for mediocrity; instead, we measure our success on the positive impact we have on our clients, our team, and the community. We are not perfect, but we learn from our experiences and work to not just “do IT” but to “do IT right.”